Dragons Den Series 1

Dragons Den Series 1At first glance, you’d think Dragons’ Den isn’t the kind of programme to lend itself to rewatch value. But how wrong you’d be: revisiting the first series of the show proves to be a fascinating delight, not least when you realise that few of the pitches put before the five dragons have seen the light of day since.

The format is, of course, firmly established from the off. A variety of entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their business idea to a panel of five potential investors. The problem, of course, is that these five potential investors take a lot of convincing to part with their cash, and aren’t shy of driving a very hard bargain.



For this first season of Dragons’ Den, the panel of five dragons featured Duncan Bannatyne, Rachel Elnaugh, Simon Woodroffe, Peter Jones and Doug Richard, and they prove to be a suitably hard group to impress. Pitches include umbrella vending machines, a magazine, a device to stop tables wobbling and a whole host more, and it’s a fascinating process to watch in action.

Frequently, even now, causing you to hurl advice at the television yourself, the first season of Dragons’s Den is very strong television, even if you end up convincing yourself that you’d be mad to sell your idea to these people. The six episodes in this set provide plenty of reward for your own investment, and are easily the safest way to enjoy the wrath of the dragons... --Simon Brew